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Watch Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae (2017) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD

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  • Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae (2017) Tamil Movie

  • Jeeva a handsome guy falls in love with Sri divya and his friends buy a house and after going to the house he faces may specious ghosts.

Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae is an Indian (2017) Tamil horror comedy film written and directed by Ike. The film stars Jiiva, Sridivya and Soori in the leading roles.The film opened to mostly positive reviews and became a semi-hit at the box office.

Vasu (Jiiva) is a house dealer who sells houses by using tricks with his friend Sooranam (Soori). Vasu and his mother Parvathy (Radhika Sarathkumar) are living in Parvathy’s brother’s house for rent. Vasu and his parents had lived in houses for rent throughout their lives. After Vasu’s father’s death, he took a promise of buying a bungalow on the edges. After some years, Vasu buys the bungalow and enters the house with his whole family. He later finds that there was a family that had lived there earlier. Jambulingam (Thambi Ramaiah) lived there with his wife, mother and daughters. He refused to move out of the house. So Vasu decides to live there until he finds the owner who cheated him. Vasu and Jambulingam’s daughter, Shwetha (Sri Divya) fall in love with each other. Vasu and Sooranam try some ghost tricks to chase Jambulingam’s family out of the house. On coming to know of Vasu and Shwetha, his aunt gets angry as she has been under the belief that her daughter Sandhya (Madhumila) and Vasu will marry. She goes on a attack about Vasu’s actions to Parvathy. Parvathy tells Vasu to apologize to his aunt. He refuses and his whole family moves out of the house. While Vasu and Sooranam threaten Jambulingam’s deaf and dumb mother with a ghost, she sees a real ghost and is admitted in the hospital.

Genres : Comedy, Horror, Tamil, Dubbed, Indian
Directed by : Ike
Produced by : Fox Star Studios
Written by : Ike
Starring : Jiiva, Sri Divya, Radha Ravi
Soori, Radhika Sarathkumar
Distributed by : Fox Star Studios
Release On : 19 May 2017
Running time : 141 minutes
Country : India
Language : Tamil
Budget : 4crores
Box office : 20crores

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