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Toofan Singh (2017) Watch Full Indian Punjabi Movie Online Free

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  • Toofan Singh (2017) Indian Punjabi Movie

  • A man fights against corruption, crime and injustice.  

Toofan Singh (2017) is an Indian Punjabi film, directed by Baghal Singh. Its stars Ranjit Bawa, Avtar Gill, Avtar Gill, Raza Murad, and Deep Raj Rana. The journey of a Punjabi Sikh boy who grew up during the chaos, brutal 1980s revolving around his chase for survival, equality and justice in order to protect and shield society and fight against brutality, crime and corruption. Toofan singh is forced to fight against crruption , crime, and brutality order to protect society and earn the respect of community. The Film reveals the true character, honour and bravery which created the legacy of Toofan Singh in Punjabi folk tradition.

Uprising lead by Toofan Singh is completely aggressive as he believes that the answers one can’t get from silence, can from guns. Ranjit Bawa gives an amazing performance as he had actually lived this performance in real life. Yashpal Sharma who played a cop did complete justice to his character while subtly serving a nuanced performance. Cast of the film is enormous and not one actor looked out of his character at any given point of time in the film.


Genres : Drama, History, Action, Punjabi
Directed By : Baghal Singh
Stars : Ranjit Bawa, Avtar Gill, Raza Murad
Released On : 04-08-2017
Running Time : 142 minutes
Language : Punjabi
Country : India
IMDB Ratings : 8/10

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