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Watch Online Rocky Mental (2017) Indian Punjabi Movie Full HD

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  • Rocky Mental (2017) Punjabi Movie

  • A boxer caught up in a scandal is focused by a man who needs to demolish his life.

Rocky Mental is a Punjabi sports Action drama Film about a rise of boxing. Parmesh Verma and Tannu Kaur Gill Directed by Vikram Thori. The Film can be considered a revolution in a Punjabi Cinema. The Cinema has never seen a film before like this.

Rajdeep Singh Dhaliwal aka Rocky Mental is a national level boxing champion preparing for Commonwealth Games, that are to be held in Australia, along with his best friend/brother in arms Preet. Though Rocky is only concentrated towards Commonwealth Games though one day he gets himself in a brawl with Maninder Shergill, brother of a Punjab Cabinet Minister when Rocky talks to Maninder’s girl Ibadat which angers Maninder and later led to Rocky knocking down Maninder in one punch. With a passage of time Rocky and Ibadat gets closer to each other and fall in love making Maninder jealous thus he plans a dangerous trap for Rocky which involves Preet committing suicide & Ibadat filing a case against Rocky (due to a small scuffle between 2 Rocky punches Ibadat. Maninder supports Ibadat to file a case of assault which Maninder turns into a rape case after using his influence unknown to Ibadat). Meanwhile broken due to Preet’s suicide an attempt to murder is made on Rocky by another athlete and Maninder’s henchman. In the hospital, his coach informs Rocky of all the incidents & Rocky being imprisoned for rape. Meanwhile, things get tough between Maninder and Ibadat when Ibadat gets to know the truth but Maninder stops her to take any step further in favour of Rocky. In jail, Maninder meets Rocky and laughs at him making Rocky angry & breaking out of jail during a court hearing. He severely assaults Maninder’s henchman and athlete who tells Rocky the truth that Preet did not commit suicide but was murdered on Maninder’s orders and so Rocky kills the henchman and athlete in the same way his best friend died. When Rocky and Maninder meet face to face Rocky knocks down Maninder’s henchmen & later burns Maninder alive. To revenge his brother’s death, Maninder’s brother the Minister kidnaps Ibadat but she is later freed when Rocky reaches on spot, killing the Minister but shot by the minister’s henchman. Unknown to Rocky’s coach and Ibadat Rocky is still alive living in another country.


Genres : Action, Drama

Written & Directed by : Vikram Thori
Starring : Parmish Verma ,Tannu Kaur Gill ,Mahabir Bullar,
Dheeraj Kumar, Jagjeet Sandhu, Kanika Mann ,Karanveer Khullar
Release On : 18 August 2017
Country : India, Canada, Australia
Language : Punjabi
Box office : 27.75 crore Indian Rupees

SOURCE  :  Wikipedia


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